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Updated October 22, 2020
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Humana is one of the largest Medicare insurers in the country. We've given Humana our No. 2 ranking because they offer Medigap plans A-N, have comparatively low annual rate increases, provide multiple wellness rewards, and have nationwide coverage.

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At a glance
  • Best for (free) extra benefits
  • Extensive online resources
  • 24/7 nurse line
  • Encourages health and wellness

  • Convenient and accessible

  • High ratings

  • Easy-to-find plans

  • No customer service access through the customer account portal

Humana offers Medicare Supplement plans A through N. As one of the largest Medicare insurers in the United States, Humana is trusted by many. If you're looking for national coverage and multiple wellness rewards, we think Humana is a top choice.

Compared to other providers, Humana's Medicare Supplement plans are known for having the most extra benefits for free and extensive online resources. You can also choose from eight out of 10 Medicare Supplement plans, which means that coverage is extensive and even includes some dental and vision benefits (available as add-ons).

Who recommends Humana?

These trusted sources have recognized Humana for its quality products and customer service:

  • The National Business Group on Health—Awarded Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles® Award

  • The American Heart Association—Earned Gold status in the American Heart Association's Workplace Health Achievement Index

  • A. M. Best—Awarded an A- financial rating

  • The Military Times—Awarded Top 10 Gold-level Military Friendly Employer

  • Newsweek—Awarded best in Customer Service 2020 among health insurance companies

How does Humana's Medicare Supplement insurance work?

First, Medicare pays for your healthcare costs that are covered. Your Medicare Supplement (Medigap plan) insurance then pays all or part of the rest of the remaining costs, depending on which plan you choose. If your Medicare Supplement plan doesn't cover everything, you are responsible for paying the remaining fees.

What Medicare Supplement plans does Humana offer?

Each Humana plan varies by state, but plans A through N are standardized. Plans A through G have limited out-of-pocket fees and higher premium costs, while plans K through N provide similar perks with lower premium costs and higher out-of-pocket fees. Each plan has its limitations, so it's important to compare policies closely.

You can sign up for eight of the 10 Medicare Supplement plans through Humana, but you can't enroll in Plan D or Plan M through the company. Humana also offers prescription drug plans, and dental and vision plans are available at an extra cost. Some of these plans may even include a nurse advice line.

Researching your Medicare plan options?

How do Humana's Medicare Supplement plans compare to other insurance providers?

Since plans are standardized because of government regulations, plan benefits from various companies are standardized. The possible variations in costs that you will want to examine are the premiums and any other add-on benefits the insurance company offers. In this way, you can choose the plan that best aligns with your needs.

Humana offers competitive rates and a variety of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Access to a 24-hour nurse line

  • Discounts on eye exams, glasses, weight-loss programs, massage therapy, and over-the-counter medications

  • Silver Sneakers fitness program

  • Access to Humana Transplant Center

  • Easy-to-navigate online resources where you can learn more, buy a plan, or chat with an agent.

One drawback with Humana's services is that the company does not offer access to customer service through the customer account portal. Some members note this as a significant disadvantage.

Humana is not without its client complaints. It does need to be noted that the low ratings the company has received don't seem to be tied to its Medicare supplement coverage specifically, and Humana customer service representatives have responded to every public complaint. For example, ConsumerAffairs lists an average rating of 2 out of 5 stars for Humana as a health insurance company, but this rating doesn't seem to focus on Medicare Supplement plans. The complaint ratio from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) is above average.

What makes Humana Medicare plans stand out from the rest?

Each Humana plan comes with unparalleled perks, including discounts for using electronic payments, access to a 24/7 nurse line, and access to Humana Transplant Centers. Humana also has a health record repository accessible through your phone at medical and wellness visits.

The great news is that Humana is entirely transparent about each of its plans. You can go online and find all of the details for Humana's different Medicare Supplement plans, from pricing to coverage information. You can also easily buy a plan online or through a licensed agent. You can even go online and search your coverage options by ZIP code, as well as find a considerable amount of helpful, educational content including searchable prescription drug lists (known as formularies).

How does pricing work with Humana, and can I get any discounts?

Although Humana's Medicare Supplement insurance plans vary in cost depending on what state you live within, you can usually count on attained-age pricing. Premiums with Humana's Medicare Supplement plans will range depending on where you live, how old you are, your gender, and if you use tobacco.

You may be eligible for a small discount if you sign up for supplemental insurance directly through Humana's website. Humana's Savings Center provides links for members looking for health and wellness discounts. In some states, Humana extends discounts for couples if they both enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan. Discounts are not available for Part C or Part D plans.

Perks of a Humana Medicare Supplement plan include the SilverSneakers fitness program and discounts on massage therapy, weight loss programs, and other health benefits.

Will my rates stay the same with Humana?

The cost of your Medicare Supplement insurance will gradually increase approximately 3% every year. Insurance companies raise rates for entire states all at once, and these increases are specific to your plan. Overall, Humana's rates are very competitive.

How do I know if I am eligible and can enroll in a Humana Medicare Supplement plan?

Enrolling during your six-month Medigap Open Enrollment Period is the ideal course of action if you want to sign up for a Humana Medicare Supplement plan. During this period, you can find the best prices and options to fit your health needs and budget.

During the Open Enrollment Period, you can purchase any Medicare Supplement plan sold within your state, regardless of any health issues you may have. Open Enrollment begins the month you turn 65 and are also enrolled in Medicare Part B. It's critical that you take advantage of this time. If you do not enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan during this window, you will have to undergo medical underwriting, which may then prevent you from being able to sign up for one, or may cause you to have to pay extra due to any past or present health issues.

Are you looking to change your current Medicare Supplement plan? If so, make sure you are informed about certain restrictions beforehand. We recommend speaking to a licensed professional to learn more about eligibility and enrollment and to discuss what your best options are before diving into a Humana Medicare Supplement plan.

Extra benefits

Best for free extra benefits

Humana's Medicare Supplement plans are known for having the most extra benefits for free.

Dental benefits

Benefits include dental coverage

Humana coverage is extensive and includes some dental and vision benefits (available as add-ons).

Online discounts

Online discount

Humana offers discounts to enrollees who utilize online payments.

By: Courtney Schmidt, Pharm.D.

Dr. Courtney Schmidt is a clinical consultant pharmacist and geriatric care expert. Since completing her Pharm.D. at the University of Florida., Dr. Schmidt has worked in multiple clinical settings and has served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Central Florida.

I get a lot for a little cost

Overall Rating:

With Humana, I get a lot for a little cost. I took Humana, as I live in a small town; and it was the most widely used Medicare Supplemental Insurance. I never have a problem figuring out my insurance. If I don't understand something that has been mailed to me, I can usually check their easy-to-use website and/or call them directly. A Humana representative has always been friendly and helpful, every time. I know exactly what my procedures (such as MRI's) will cost before I do it, so there is never any surprises. I get great coverage from my PPO, even when traveling to another state. This gives me peace of mind, as I like to take my camper and travel as much as possible. I like Humana's generous over-the-counter savings. I can get numerous medical and first-aid items (band aids, vitamins, aspirin, etc.). This $50 for every quarter helps me stock up, while not having to spend my own money. A great cost saving value! (ConsumerAffairs)

Cindy of Orange, California

They have never let me down

Overall Rating:

I have had Humana since 2012. They have never let me down. I have used my coverage in hospital emergency departments and have received speedy payments with no refusals. I agree that it helps that I have myself familiar with my plan and I think that everyone should do the same. I have used my plan for ambulance trips and again received speedy payments. I have a Humana provider in whom I have complete faith. He is very dependable and extremely knowledgeable. I trust him. He was recommended by Humana. (ConsumerAffairs)

Karen of Casselberry, Florida

Always easy to speak with customer service representatives

Overall Rating:

I have been with Humana for about four years and have received excellent service. Always easy to speak with customer service representatives for explanations for information not clear and make changes when necessary. In case of emergency you have access to a 24 hour nurse, $75.00 over the counter medication, regular pharmacy, a group matrix who come to the home to take vitals, interviews, and make sure you are doing alright, send results to your primary free of charge, get rewarded at end of year for getting shots and maintaining regular check-ups with gift cards and much more. I would recommend them for all seniors looking for insurance who go the extra mile to take care of your needs. (ConsumerAffairs)

Annette of Decatur, Georgia

Humana Medicare Supplement Insurance Review

Extra Benefits
Customer Service
Quote Process

Humana is one of the largest Medicare insurers in the country. We've given Humana our No. 2 ranking because they offer Medigap plans A-N, have comparatively low annual rate increases, provide multiple wellness rewards, and have nationwide coverage.

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