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Planning to enroll in Medicare this year? Check out the Cigna Medicare Advantage 2020 program to see if the options are a good fit for you.

By Danetha Doe
Updated September 4, 2020

Key Takeaways:

  • If you're looking for an HMO plan, Cigna Medicare Advantage may be the best choice for you.

  • Cigna offers several SNPs compared to other healthcare providers.

  • The vast majority of Cigna Medicare Advantage plans are offered with no premium.

  • Cigna-HealthSpring is contracted with Medicare for PDP, HMO and PPO plans in select states.

Why Choose a Cigna Medicare Advantage Plan?

Cigna-HealthSpring is a global health service company that offers several Medicare Advantage plans, including HMO and HMO-SNP plans that offer plenty of benefits.

Cigna is also seeking to expand to add more PPO plans to its offerings.

Some of the additional benefits that may be offered through your Cigna-HealthSpring Medicare Advantage plan include:

  1. Coverage for prescription drugs

  2. Dental

  3. Vision

  4. Hearing

  5. Memberships to gyms and wellness programs

  6. An allowance for preventive or comprehensive, non-cosmetic dental services

Additionally, the following benefits are provided exclusively by Cigna Corporation:

  • An air conditioner allowance in some Texas plans

  • A fall prevention program in some Mississippi and Kansas plans

  • An adult day care allowance in New Jersey plans

  • An acupuncture allowance on all PPO plans and Colorado HMO plans

  • A patient attendant to medical appointments in some Pennsylvania and Maryland plans

  • An expanded transportation benefit, including trips to places of worship, grocery stores, etc., in some Arizona and Pennsylvania plans

Medicare Advantage Options Under Cigna

There are several different types of Medicare Advantage plans under Cigna. The primary types of Medicare Advantage include:

  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) — An (HMO) plan gives beneficiaries access to a network of healthcare providers and hospitals. In most cases, the costs for health care you receive outside of your HMO network of providers may not be covered. If you're looking for an HMO plan, Cigna Medicare Advantage might be the right fit for you as most of Cigna's plans are HMOs. If you don't mind asking your physician for referrals to see specialists, an HMO plan could be an affordable option for you. If you're looking for extra perks without additional fees, this plan may not be what you want.

  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) — Similar to an HMO, a PPO plan provides beneficiaries with a network of doctors and hospitals. However, with a PPO plan, you are typically allowed to use healthcare providers outside of the plan network. Working with out-of-network providers may come with increased out-of-pocket costs such as a higher copay or coinsurance. If you're interested in finding a plan with several benefits but want the option of out-of-network care, consider Cigna's PPO plan.

  • Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) — A PFFS plan allows beneficiaries to visit any doctor or hospital approved by Medicare and accepts the PFFS plan's terms and conditions. The health plan then determines how much it will cover for the healthcare services you receive, as well as any out-of-pocket costs you are required to pay, such as a copay or coinsurance.

  • Medicare Special Needs Plans (SNPs) — A SNP plan is designed specifically for Medicare beneficiaries who have specific healthcare needs or chronic conditions such as diabetes. If you need a Special Needs plan, you should choose Cigna. Cigna offers several SNPs compared to other healthcare providers.

  • Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA) — A MSA is a health plan that typically has a high deductible and includes a bank account where the insurance company deposits a set amount of money each year. You can pay for some of your Medicare Part A and Part B costs using these contributions. Once you meet your deductible for the year, the MSA plan will cover the rest of your Medicare-covered healthcare services.

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Costs of Cigna Medicare Advantage Plans

Each Medicare Advantage plan has a different cost structure. Cigna is ahead of the curve when it comes to offering $0 premium plans. The vast majority (89%) of Cigna Medicare Advantage plans are offered with no premium. Make sure to compare each plan to determine if the benefits and costs are a good fit for your situation.

Here are the basic components that make up the cost structure:

  1. Premiums: To enroll in Part C, you must be enrolled in Parts A and B. Each part may have a monthly premium associated with it. Under Medicare Part C, you will have to pay the Medicare Part B premium and the premium associated with Part C (if applicable).

  2. Copays: This a flat fee you pay each time you have a health visit.

  3. Deductible: Until you reach your deductible, all related healthcare costs will be out of pocket. Once you reach your deductible, your insurance will cover some of the costs.

  4. Coinsurance: Once you reach your deductible, you will split the costs with your insurance company. This is known as coinsurance. The percentage of the split varies by the Medicare Advantage plan.

  5. Out-of-pocket limit. Once you spend a certain dollar amount in a calendar year on your health, the insurance company will assume responsibility and cover 100% of all out-of-pocket costs. This threshold is known as the out-of-pocket limit. The limit varies by plan because each insurer can set their own limit within the federal maximum standards.

With over 440,000 members, Cigna offers Medicare Advantage plans in:

  • Alabama

  • Arkansas

  • Arizona

  • Colorado

  • Delaware

  • Florida

  • Georgia

  • Illinois

  • Kansas

  • Missouri

  • Maryland

  • Mississippi

  • New Jersey

  • North Carolina

  • Pennsylvania

  • South Carolina

  • Tennessee

  • Texas

  • The District of Columbia

Ready to take the next step and enroll in the right Medicare Advantage plan for you? Cigna-HealthSpring is contracted with Medicare for PDP, HMO and PPO plans in select states and with select state Medicaid programs. Enrollment in Cigna-HealthSpring depends on contract renewal.

Danetha Doe is an entrepreneur, journalist, and economist from the San Francisco Bay Area who specializes in writing about finance.